Our Approach to Sustainability

Making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate is central to our approach in achieving sustainable business outcomes.

As an explorer in West Africa, one of the poorest and yet most prospective gold regions of the world – we recognise that sustainability is about showing leadership and pursuing best practice in the areas of environmental performance, employee safety and development, and community engagement. In our daily operations, we acknowledge that these measurements of success are just as important and key to generating long-term shareholder returns and undertaking effective and efficient exploration results.

Investment in Sustainable Economic Development

We make significant investments in our host communities and our operations directly and indirectly contribute to the economic growth and social development of the countries where we operate. Since 2010, we have made positive contributions to the economies of Burkina Faso, Liberia and Mali through:

  • Significant investment in exploration and its support services
  • Promotion of these countries as safe and opportunistic destinations to conduct exploration and mining
  • Extensive exploration programs, which ultimately increase the geological data base for the country leading to further more efficient and targeted exploration by Sarama and other industry players 
  • Capacity building and employment of local people where possible
  • Working collaboratively with local and state administrations and governments, assisting in capacity building and advancement of the exploration and mining industry
  • Investment in infrastructure including schools, water and roads
  • Delivery of collaborative social investment programs

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our business strategy and interactions with stakeholders. In all we do, we endeavour to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner to ensure the benefits of our activities are shared across all stakeholder groups.

The company’s social investment programs are typically commensurate with the stage of project development and evolve as the project advances. Our strategy is based on community needs and developed in consultation with host communities and is primarily focused on infrastructure, education and health.

In line with development and exploration expenditure, our most advanced social programs are situated in Burkina Faso, however discussions are underway with Liberian community leaders and Government officials as part of the planning and implementation of future CSR programs. 

Sarama’s CSR strategy is enhanced through our relationship with the Australia-Africa Minerals & Energy Group (AAMEG), who represent Australian and Australian-based mining, exploration, energy, service and supply companies operating in Africa.